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 So, if we talk about video
editing apps, you’ll find a lot of apps, which is why you guys can’t figure out
which one is the best app for mobile. That’s why today, I’ll tell you about the
top 4 apps for mobile video editing, which will allow you to edit any type of
video, such as long videos, short videos, and even some VFX.

1. VN

VN is a free video
editor app that you can easily download from the Play Store. This app is
great because it offers every video editing tool you could need, from zero to
advanced, meaning you can edit videos of any level. This app is the best for
short videos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t edit long videos with it. You can
still edit long videos, but there are other apps that might be better suited
for that purpose. In other words, you can edit short videos very well and in
high quality using this app. The second best thing about VN is that it is
completely free.




Zoom in/out of the timeline.

Tap to split, drag, delete, and duplicate video

Sava draft whenever you need a break.

Multi layer timeline.

Curve speed.


Keyframe animation & curve.

Green screen & Chroma key.

Support for project sharing.

Create quickly with BeatsClips.

Mark the music rhythm.

Add your own music into VN.

Support multiple sound tracks and adjust the

Free diverse style music.

Support for Import LUT filters.

More transition between video footage.

Add title slides and text overlays in the

Change font, color, and size of subtitles.

Adjust the subtitle duration.

Use VN code to share your work.

And save your original videos to your camera






CapCut is also a free video editing app that allows you to edit short and
somewhat long videos, but this app is best for short videos because if you are
from India, you will know that CapCut is banned in
India, but you can still use it with a VPN app. So, in CapCut, you get to see
all the tools for video editing, and you are also provided with such effects
that are so difficult to make on mobile because these effects look exactly like



 Trim and shorten clips and split or merge videos.

Adjust video speed from 0.1x to100x, and apply
speed curve to clips.

Freeze feature.

Transition options with effects on and between


Create smooth slow motion with the optical flow
and speed curve tool.

Chroma key.

Multi-track timeline.

The stabilizing feature keep video footage

Auto caption.


Background removal.

Match video content with diverse filters that are
updated weekly with the latest trends.

Edit video with hundreds of trending effects,
including Glitch, Blur, 3D, and More.

Adjust brightness and contrast, etc.

Add music clips, and recordings from videos.

Extract audio from videos.

Custom video export resolution, supports 4K

Share with your friends on social media

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editor and
video maker application with everything you.



So ALIGHT MOTION is an app
with which you can create very good animations and transitions yourself. By
using this app, you will get to see so many effects that you can go into each
effect and create something new and unique. This app is also called the AFTER
EFFECT of mobile, and it is true because all the effects you will see in it
will also be visible in AFTER EFFECT. You can use this app to create short
videos and also easily edit long videos.


Multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio.

Vector and bitmap support.

160+ basic effects

Create sophisticated visual effects.

Keyframe animation.

Link parent and child layers and rig character

Color Adjustment.

Grouping and Masking.

Animation easing for more fluid motion.

Velocity based Motion blur.

Copy and paste entries layers.

Solid color and gradient fill effects.

Custom fonts.

Share project package.

Border, Shadow, and Stroke effects,

Export MP4 video, GIF animation, PNG sequences,
and stills



4. KineMaster

If we
talk about KINEMASTER, it is one of the best editing apps.
Now, see, every app can do some different things, but in this app, you can do
everything that you need for your video.

can use this app because it is very easy to use. If you start using it, you
will gradually understand every editing tool. If you make YouTube videos or any
long video, then there is no better app than this, and in every update, you get
to see something new and creative, which is very useful.

So, you
can download KINEMASTER for editing long videos.



Speed Control


Animation Styles

Transition Effects


Multiple Layers


Frame-by-Frame Trimming

Instant Preview

Real-Time Recording

Volume Envelope




Audio Filters

The main benefits of Kinemaster are its rich
features set ease of use and flexibility. Here are the benefits in details.


“So, I hope you liked the 4 mobile video
editing apps that I told you about. By using these 4 apps, you can create very
professional videos. You get to see something new in these four apps, so be
sure to use them. The blue text you see above is the download link, so if you
click on it and scroll down, you will get the download link and you can easily
download any app. If you have any problems, you can also DM me on


Thank you to read 4 Best Undergrounds Antic Video
Modifier Free  mobile Application 👊👊


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