the new features that have been added in CapCut 7.4.0


 “Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you’re doing well. So, the update for CapCut 7.4.0 has been released. In this, I will tell you about the new features that have been added, and you will also be able to download 7.4.0. So, let’s see what this new feature has done…”

Lets No , the new features that have been added in CapCut 7.4.0

1st Feature:

The first feature is related to animations in CapCut. Earlier, in CapCut, you could only apply one animation to a video. But after the update to version 7.4.0, you can now apply three types of animations in a single video. The first one is regular animation, the second one is combo animation, and the third one is out animation. All three animations can now be applied to a single video, making your video much more creative.

Additionally, after the update to version 7.4.0, CapCut has become much smoother. It used to lag a lot earlier, but now, you will see very little lag, if any at all, as I have tested it myself.


The second feature is related to CapCut’s effects. When you go to the effects tab, you will see two options: Video Effects and Body Effects. You need to click on Body Effects, and then a dark option will appear. If you click on the dark option, you will see many new effects that you can use. This effect is newly added and gives you more options to enhance your video.


So the third feature is going to be very useful for those who create lyrics videos. Previously in CapCut, you could only apply one animation to your text. But after this update, you can now apply in-animation, out-animation, and loop-animation to your text. This will make your lyrics video look very next level. In addition, English fonts have also been added, and these fonts are very good, which you can use very easily, and now you don’t need to import fonts because you can find many fonts in it that are very next level.

4th Feature:

The fourth feature is also a very good one, which keeps increasing with every update, and that is the Style option. When you import a photo and click on it, you get an option for Style. As soon as you click on it, you will see a cosmic effect, which allows you to add a very nice effect to your photo. It looks like VFX and creating it manually on a mobile phone is very hard. But now you can see this feature in CapCut, and with just one click, you can create such videos. I cannot upload videos here, so you can also go to my YouTube channel to see how to use this feature. The link to the video will also be provided below.

You can also see these four features through the videos. I have explained these four features very well on my YouTube channel. So, if you want to understand these four features through the video, you will also find the link to the video below. You can watch the video and yes, I also upload videos related to editing there. So, you can also subscribe to my channel and by subscribing, you will be able to see our videos quickly. I hope you liked these four features and you will also use them. If you want to edit before this block, then do visit my YouTube channel.

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