How to find aesthetic footages treading video in a click


 So, there will be many people who make lyrical videos but they have a lot of trouble finding footage. So, if you also can’t find footage, today I am going to tell you three very easy ways through which you can find very good quality footage and find your footage according to your lyrics.

 By the way, if you follow our YouTube channel, I have also explained this thing through video there. So, if you are interested in the video, I will also give the link of this video below so that you can understand it more easily. Let’s talk about our first method.

Lets Start How to find aesthetic footages treading video in a click

1st Method – 

Okay, let’s talk about the first method. You may have heard of an app called Pinterest. On this app, you can find short videos that you can also use in your own videos without any difficulty. You can easily download Pinterest from your app store. After downloading, you need to log in, and it will ask you which category you are interested in. Based on the category you choose, you will be able to see videos in that category. So, choose your category and you will see videos related to that category.

  1. How to download pinterest video

So, whatever video you like on Pinterest, you won’t be able to download it directly. If you want to download Pinterest videos, you need to visit a website. Before visiting that website, click on the three dots of the video you like on Pinterest. Once you click on it, you will see some options. You will see the “Copy Link” option at the bottom. Copy the link of that video. After copying the link, you need to visit a website on Chrome. Once you visit that website, search for “Pinterest video downloader” in the search box. You will see many websites, and you can click on any of them. Once you click on a website, you will see the “Paste Link” option. Paste the link you copied there. After pasting it, you will see the option to download the video. You can download your Pinterest video easily from there. These are some keywords that you can search for on Pinterest to find good videos that you can use in your lyrical videos.

  1. Aesthetic sky
  2. Sky timelapse
  3. Nature vibes
  4. Night vibes
  5. Galaxy
  6. Rain Drop
  7. Couple Sunset
  8. Mountain aesthetic
  9. Couple aesthetic
  10. Couple dancing
  11. Night city
  12. Flowers

2nd Method –

So the other way is much easier. You guys must be using Instagram, but you only watch Reels there. But there are many pages that upload really good footage. And how to find those videos? I’m going to give you some Instagram accounts that upload such videos, videos that you can use in your lyrical videos, and they are of very high quality. You can find all types of footage, and you can even follow them. And one thing that is very important is that if you take a video from Instagram and use it in your video, make sure to give credit to the person whose video you used. This is very important because that person uploads videos with a lot of hard work. However, if you’re using different videos from different accounts in one video, then you don’t need to give credit. But if you’re using a video from one person, then make sure to credit them.

So, there are some Instagram accounts that you can search and visit their profile, and you will find very good videos to watch

  1. audriu_fpv
  2. settemsdal
  3. 4_nature_addicted
  4. johnderting
  5. alex.kassner
  6. hello_dongwon
  7. jguzmannn
  8. antonsteinerphotos
  9. amir_asani13
  10. ronald_soethje

3rd Method

So let’s talk about our third option, which is a website. Here, you can also find many videos, but I will tell you about this website because you can find very high-quality footage here. If you want to keep your video in very high quality, then download footage from here because you may find low-quality footage on Instagram and Pinterest. But on this website, you can find footage of very high quality.

So, what is the name of this website? The name of the website is You will find many such websites where you can visit and download footage. If you are making videos on YouTube or Instagram, then YouTube is very good because you won’t find any copyright issues here. The footage here is copyright-free, so you can use it without any hesitation.

So now let me explain the process to you. First of all, you need to go to Chrome and search for After searching, you need to click on the website that appears at the top. Once you click on it, you will be able to see many videos. At the top, there is a search option, and by clicking on it, you can find videos of your choice.
How to find aesthetic footages treading video in a click

So, I hope you all liked these three methods. If you have any problem with any of these methods, you can message me on Instagram, and I will try my best to reply. But if you want to understand this thing in a better way, you can also watch my YouTube video. In the YouTube video, I have explained everything in detail, and you will be able to understand it more easily. To watch that video, you need to click on the thumbnail below, and you will be directed to my videos where you can watch high-quality videos and also subscribe if you want.

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